Irene Albino

           Irene’s practice wants to explore the narrative within design, with a major focus on gender and social inequalities. Most of her projects are research-based and lie in the intersection of craft and design. 


Some of Irene’s corrrective personal projects

Design TroubleHow to design for a society that moves beyond gender. This designed dissertation explores the possibility of a genderless society and the designers that challenged the notion of gender in their practices. From the anthropologists and biologists that questioned the existence of only two genders to the technological utopia of genderless AI.

Postage Girls
The project is based upon a set brief about representation of women in graphic design history.

</unravel;>A performance of the making of a knitted manifesto which unravels ideas and preconceptions of binarisms: craft and design, analogue and digital, female and male, zeroes and ones.

Glove Me Tender
A series of guerrilla and visually provocative posters that reflect on the neglected campaign awareness about sex protection for womxn that have sex with womxn